I’m a leader of engineering teams based out of the Greater Philadelphia area. I live for complex problems, improving processes and building terrific products. I’ve worked for both large and small companies, I’ve seen complacency and the boredom that it breeds, I’m not interested in that. I’m looking to wake up everyday and be excited about what I’m working on.

Interesting Projects / Posts

Syapse’s Profile on Me: While working at Syapse, they did an article on me and my experience with the company. Check it out!

Amazon FBA Sourcing Analyzer: Node.js application that runs continuously on a Digital Ocean droplet scraping some key websites for Amazon deals. It makes a full analysis of all of the possible items, then using a personally designed algorithm determines if it is worth purchasing for resale at a later date.

Amazon FBA Calculator: Simple js file for evaluating Fulfillment By Amazon fees. Fully tested and utilized within other apps I have running.

Office Quotes Bot and Office Quotes API: Twitter bot that randomly tweets out quotes from the Office. The bot hits a RESTful API built on top of a postgres database that I’ve populated. I blogged about it here The bot is live here https://twitter.com/OfficeQuotesBot

Habitica ToDo Exchange: Intermediary Node.js application that sits between IFTTT and Habitica. Allows me to use voice commands on Google Assistant to add tasks to my To-Do list on Habitica. I blogged about it here.

Financial Independence Calculator: Calculator for determining how long before someone can retire. Factors in age, investments, current income/expenses, future expeneses, etc. Long term I’d like to include a Monte Carlo simulation to determine possible outcomes and percentages.

dotfiles: To make sure that I can easily get setup on a new computer I’ve got all of my configurations files stored on github, along with a script to do all the leg work. Overall setup time on a new machine is a few minutes.

APUE Learning Unix: I’m slowly working through the book “Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment”, then adding some of the problems as I go. Working in a UNIX system has always been second nature to me, but fully understanding everything that’s going on behind the scenes is where I have some gaps. Using this to attempt to fill them.

This blog: Put this blog together using Jekyll, was a lot simpler than expected and was a fun experience. I’ll eventually be looking into adjusting my themes/css.

Contact me

Shoot me an email at: matt.j.glick@gmail.com or reach out to me on LinkedIn